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Call for submission to Erato 99 - Due 28 February 2010 
12th-Feb-2010 04:45 pm
ERATO is back in business!

The deadline for submissions to the post-CIV issue (Erato 99) is Sunday 28 February 2010.

What do we want in Erato?
- Reports from each society
- "Reports" from the AICSA exec:
- Reports from the CIV convenor/committee
- Any goss from CIV
- Photos!
- Concert reviews!
- Articles and stories from your own society's newsletter!
- Poetry!
- Tales by Shiny New Freshers (or even from Boring Old F...olk)!
- (Very, very short) compositions!
- Crosswords or puzzles (presumably with a choral theme)!
- Anything else AICSA/choir related!
- In other words - Pretty much anything, provided it's not discriminatory or defamatory!
(See also the list below from [info]phi1ip which I cannibalised ;)

To submit your eraticles just email us at erato@aicsa.org.au

Also we are planning at least 3 issues this year, so if you have anything for Erato just send it to us. We try publishing your contributions as soon as possible, space permitting.

We also like to foreshadow that the mid-year issue will be Erato100!! If you have anything relating to the glorious history of this infamous magazine (collections of old issues, historical anecdotes, anything), please get in contact with us now or email your contributions to us!

Please forward this information to the members of your individual societies.

And Send Us Stuff!!! :D

Horst, Philip & Andy
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