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CIV car pool 
19th-Dec-2009 12:54 pm
Purple stars
Hi all,

I've just received an email from David, the T&B officer for CIV, confirming car use and occupancy for the festival. So I thought it was probably time to work out who was driving from Melbourne and in which cars and when.

Bron and I are driving up to Canberra on Friday 15 Jan, leaving from Mount Waverley, leaving early (time TBC). We have one space available in the car.

If you are interested in car-pooling or convoying (ie, need a lift, can offer one, or have a full car to join in the trip), please leave a similar comment and I'm happy to coordinate things here on LJ (if no-one else is already doing so).


(Apologies for the x-post)
23rd-Dec-2009 01:32 pm (UTC)
Hi Kate!
I get to Melbourne on 13 Jan and my plans include going to Canberra with Tif on Friday morning in her car along with Sarah (PUCS) - and then for us to drive back again after IV.
Good on you for posting about this, too, btw! It's a good reminder fro me to call Tif to confirm all's still a go :o)
~ M ~
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